Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 2022

The Atlas of Brazilian Digital Literature
Author:Rejane Rocha    Time:2023-01-03    Click:

The Atlas of Brazilian Digital Literature

Rejane Rocha

Page 019-027

Abstract: The Atlas of Brazilian Digital Literature is the first and the only digital archive of digital literature in Brazil to date. It reunites the documentation (taxonomic description, images, videos, interviews with the authors, and critical fortune) of 150 works and counting. This article reports the challenges related to the construction and maintenance of the Atlas, which led to the formation of the Brazilian Digital Literature Observatory, a research group dedicated to follow and critically analyze the production of Brazilian digital literature, to propose alternatives for its preservation, and to discuss the changes in the literary system at a time when print culture and digital culture coexist.

Keywords: Brazilian digital literature, archive, preservation, literary system

Doi: 10.53397/hunnu.jflc.202202003

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