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  • Contents of the JFLC Comparative Literature Special Issue

    Guest Editors :Zhang Longxi, Omid Azadibougar

    The editors are grateful to our contributors and above all particularly proud by the notable selection of scholars brought together in this Comparative Literature Special Issue of the Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures.                To read and download the essays, click here.

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  • 2022 Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism Special Issue

    Following the two special issues scheduled for 2022, entitled Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism, and co-edited by Zhang Longxi (City University of Hong Kong) and Omid Azadibougar (Hunan Normal University), the Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures will dedicate a special column to this topic. The aim is to provide a long-term forum to further the debate and pose more questions to review and test the assumptions of the discipline.



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  • Introduction: New Approaches to New Ages? Digital Humanities and Beyond

    Author:João Cezar de Castro Rocha

    Abstract: The study of the introduction of powerful new means of communication has been largely confined to the Social and Human Sciences and in the History of Technology. From Elizabeth Eisenstein’s classic book, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change,1 to Marshall McLhuan’s extensive work on the global village announced by the emergence of a planetary system of media, understood as an authentic electronic nervous system, which produces fundamental transformations in our ways of perceiving the world and relating to one another,2 there is a myriad of fundamental research undertaken on the topic, the discussion of which naturally is not the scope of this introduction. Rather, we want to highlight a dimension sometimes overlooked, namely, the anthropological changes brought upon by radical shifts in the communicative circuit.

    Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 2022      Time:2023-01-03

  • A Pioneer on His Work: An Interview with Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

    Author:Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

    Abstract: In this interview, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht visits some of his groundbreaking theoretical contributions, providing an ample archeological gaze towards the emergence of Digital Humanities. The key concepts proposed by Gumbrecht are discussed as well as the new theoretical framework he developed over the past two decades towards an understating of Humanities not primarily focused on the semantic attribution of meaning.

    Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 2022      Time:2023-01-03

  • At the Edge (Always): An Interview with Jeffrey Schnapp

    Author:Jeffrey Schnapp

    Abstract: In this interview, Jeffrey Schnapp conceptualizes Digital Humanities, Knowledge Design and Experimental Humanities, seen as innovative frameworks, aimed at propitiating a radically new understanding of the current challenges of the contemporary world. The overwhelming presence of digital media and artificial intelligence is scrutinized by Schnapp in order to produce theory literally at the edge.

    Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 2022      Time:2023-01-03

  • The Atlas of Brazilian Digital Literature

    Author:Rejane Rocha

    Abstract: The Atlas of Brazilian Digital Literature is the first and the only digital archive of digital literature in Brazil to date. It reunites the documentation (taxonomic description, images, videos, interviews with the authors, and critical fortune) of 150 works and counting. This article reports the challenges related to th...

    Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 2022      Time:2023-01-03


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