Vol. 6 No. 1 June 2022

Introduction: Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism
Author:Zhang Longxi, Omid Azadibougar    Time:2022-06-20    Click:

Introduction: Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism

Zhang Longxi, Omid Azadibougar

Page 001-014

Abstract: This introductory essay discusses the Eurocentrism of Comparative Literature and argues that as an effect of the structures of the modern humanities, the study of non-European literatures has been mostly consigned to area studies and not literary studies departments at universities. Therefore, despite the efforts to overcome this condition of the field, including the rise of World Literature since the turn of the 21st century, scholarship has reproduced the status quo to the extent that World Literature also remains a largely Eurocentric project. We argue that revisionist efforts have so far operated within the European theoretical space and referred to a limited number of languages. The essays collected in the present issue address this problem and propose diverse solutions for overcoming the Eurocentrism of the discipline.

Keywords: Comparative Literature, ethnocentrism, modern structures of knowledge, method, colonialism, translation

Doi: 10.53397/hunnu.jflc.202201001

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