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  • Modernity @ Zero Hour: The Question of the Universal and the Origins of the Global Order (Introduction)

    Guest Editor:Barrett Watten

    The fatalism by which incomprehensible death was sanctioned in primeval times has now passed over into utterly comprehensible life. The noonday panic fear in which nature suddenly appeared to humans as an all-encompassing power has found its counterpart in the panic which is ready to break out at any moment today: human beings expect the world, which is without issue, to be set ablaze by a univ...

Call for Papers

  • 2022 Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism Special Issue

    Following the two special issues scheduled for 2022, entitled Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism, and co-edited by Zhang Longxi (City University of Hong Kong) and Omid Azadibougar (Hunan Normal University), the Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures will dedicate a special column to this topic. The aim is to provide a long-term forum to further the debate and pose more questions to review and test the assumptions of the discipline.


  • Reading Salon 7: "Thing"

    Foreign Languages and Culture Reading Salon 7, Nov. 7-8, 2020

    Wang Bingjun, Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University and Chair Professor of Xiaoxiang Scholars in Hunan Normal University successfully held the reading salon on the afternoon of November 7th and the morning of November 8th, 2020.The salon is sponsored by Foreign Languages and Culture and the German department of the Foreign Languages College of Hunan Normal University.

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  • Zero Hour in Arno Schmidt's Triptych Leviathan; or, An Adventure Allegorist at the Crossroads

    Author:Claudia Franken

    Abstract: Arno Schmidt’s tripartite Leviathan (1949; written 1946—1948) is one of the few German narratives composed immediately after World War II. Different from the then newly-propagated Trümmerliteratur (literature among the ruins) or the literature of Vergangenheitsbewältigung (coping with the past), Schmidt’s writing condensed and “dehydrated” narrative events, weaving antiquity and his personal experience into one in order to lay bare historical lines of continuity. Relating to Pytheas of Marsilia, to an ethics based on praxis and to modern physics, he undertakes a demanding topography of “hell descents” within which he also put into doubt political and academic demands upon a cultural legacy that was, to him, ...

    vol. 5 No. 1 June 2021      Time:2021-09-22

  • Cloud Aesthetics: An Epistemological Challenge, Aesthetics from Below, and the Question of History

    Author:Christine Blaettler

    Abstract: Clouds are often appealed to when an objection is raised to the rationalist knowledge paradigm of the clear and distinct, as formulated by René Descartes. In such cases, clouds serve to establish an anti-classically oriented, non-hierarchical and non-determinative, chaostheoretically informed counter-paradigm. Itself informed by this tendency, this essay proposes to examine clouds as an epistemological challenge, capable of exposing specific tensions in science, philosophy, and art alike. These fields negotiate questions of perception and representation, hence aesthetic problems, on the basis of which this contribution formulates an “aesthetics from below.” Such an aesthetics does not proceed from aesthetic theories, nor is it based on fuzzy concepts; rather, ...

    vol. 5 No. 1 June 2021      Time:2021-09-22

  • Black "Crime," Public Hysteria, and the Cinema of Containment: Black Cinema Aesthetics from Willie Dynamite to The Interrupters and a/k/a Mrs. George Gilbert

    Author:Amy Abugo Ongiri

    Abstract: This essay will explore the ways in which African American visual culture has attempted to negotiate criminalization and the current situation of what Richard Iton rightfully characterizes as “hyperincarceration.” It will explore the ways in which contemporary African American visual culture is engaged in negotiating between the literal material realities and consequences of mass incarceration and aesthetic constructions of violence. While mass incarceration is increasingly becoming understood as “the New Jim Crow” for African American political organizing ...

    vol. 5 No. 1 June 2021      Time:2021-09-22

  • Eco-graphy and the Performative Long Poem: C. S. Giscombe's Giscome Road and Nikky Finney's Rice

    Author:James McCorkle

    Abstract: C. S. Giscombe’s Giscombe Road and Nikky Finney’s Rice are arguably book-length poems that construct an environmental consciousness through the lens of Black identity. Of importance in each is the use of material culture—maps, encyclopedia entries, schematic illustrations, and photographs—to construct the texts. Finney’s work tends to use photographs as supplements to her work, that is as illustrations which are intended to humanize against the grain of anti-Blackness; however, the materials in Giscombe’s collection are parts of a whole, not supplements, but quoted texts albeit utilizing a different visual modality. While there is a distinction between their use of material culture, Finney and Giscombe nonetheless create ecographies— autobiographies that situate and map oneself in a history of ecologies.

    vol. 5 No. 1 June 2021      Time:2021-09-22


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