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  • Contents of the JFLC Comparative Literature Special Issue

    Guest Editors :Zhang Longxi, Omid Azadibougar

    The editors are grateful to our contributors and above all particularly proud by the notable selection of scholars brought together in this Comparative Literature Special Issue of the Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures.                To read and download the essays, click here.

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  • 2022 Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism Special Issue

    Following the two special issues scheduled for 2022, entitled Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism, and co-edited by Zhang Longxi (City University of Hong Kong) and Omid Azadibougar (Hunan Normal University), the Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures will dedicate a special column to this topic. The aim is to provide a long-term forum to further the debate and pose more questions to review and test the assumptions of the discipline.



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  • Introduction: Comparative Literature beyond Eurocentrism

    Author:Zhang Longxi, Omid Azadibougar

    Abstract: This introductory essay discusses the Eurocentrism of Comparative Literature and argues that as an effect of the structures of the modern humanities, the study of non-European literatures has been mostly consigned to area studies and not literary studies departments at universities. Therefore, despite the efforts to overcome this condition of the field, including the rise of World Literature since the turn of the 21st century, scholarship has reproduced the status quo to the extent that World Literature also remains a largely Eurocentric project. We argue that revisionist efforts have so far operated within the European theoretical space and referred to a limited number of languages. The essays collected in the present issue address this problem and propose diverse solutions for overcoming the Eurocentrism of the discipline.

    Vol. 6 No. 1 June 2022      Time:2022-06-20

  • Comparativism or What We Talk about When We Talk about Comparing

    Author:Ben Hutchinson

    Abstract: In this essay, I suggest that the study of comparative literature is subject to the same distorting pressures as the study of the Orient. "Comparativism," as I call it, is like orientalism: both a description and a distortion. Constructing its critique in the process of comparing, it inherits deep foundations of historical, cultural, and geographical prejudgment. As with Said's orientalism, the cornerstone of this construction is West-Eastern (and North-Southern) paternalism, but it is far from the only building block: other obstacles include predetermined views of genre, medium, and even language. There is little, in fact, that is not grist to the will of Western-educated critics....

    Vol. 6 No. 1 June 2022      Time:2022-06-20

  • North-South Comparatism: New Worldism, Theories of Lack and Acclimatization

    Author:José Luís Jobim

    Abstract: In this essay I will use the expression New Worldism to refer to a particular representation of the New World, developed in Europe. I will take some theories related to this expression (theories of lack and acclimatization) to provide a short introduction to them, taking into special consideration their connection to comparatism as it was developed in 19th-century Brazil.

    Vol. 6 No. 1 June 2022      Time:2022-06-20

  • Comparative Mobilities

    Author:Ali Behdad, Dominic Thomas

    Abstract: This essay explores recent incursions into comparative modalities and highlights how global comparative literature better reflects the ways in which borders and mobility have become defining elements of the 21st century. However, the humanities remain under attack. Recent openings towards decolonizing the curriculum and strengthening synergies between various social justice approaches may prove fruitful in coordinating defenses. Today, economic and historical circumstances are such that it has become increasingly hard to think of literary traditions in monolithic terms since globalization has dramatically transformed the circulation of literary works. In our understanding, a comparativist is not necessarily invested either in demonstrating the intrinsic connections between cultural or...

    Vol. 6 No. 1 June 2022      Time:2022-06-20


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