vol. 5 No. 1 June 2021

  • A Space Odyssey: Decoding the Reality of Dictatorship in Carolina de Robertis’s Cantoras

    Author:Sreeparna Das

    Abstract: By turns brutal and beautiful, Carolina de Robertis’s 2019 novel Cantoras explores twelve years of violent Uruguayan dictatorship where five women of different ages, social, economic, and familial circumstances are yet all equally affected by misogyny, homophobia, and political repression. The women come together to create a haven of freedom wherein to navigate their sexuality without being criminalized, in the middle of a place where freedom for a better future seems to belong to “another bohemian era of dreams.” Pieced together from the real-life oral narratives and testimonies of hundreds, lost or silenced in the mainstream din, the novel brings to life a portrait of queer love and forgotten history unlike any other. This essay aims a close reading of the socio-political environment of the novel from dictatorship to the revolution which makes the journey ...

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  • "A New Historic Youth": Lettrism, Delinquency, and the Fait Divers in Postwar France

    Author:Ian Williams Curtis

    Abstract: This essay seeks to historicize Lettrist activity in France and to situate Lettrist aesthetic productions and destructions in relation to the memory of German Occupation of France during World War II, and to the violent outbursts and acting out of the Lettrists’ contemporaries. Isidore Isou and others belonged to a rather unique generation in the history of France—a generation that caused adults a great deal of concern as young men and women committed crimes and acts of violence at unprecedented rates. Attending to the cultural historical specificities of the Lettrists and other young troublemakers in postwar France, I argue that Lettrism, as an aesthetic idea, could never have gained or sustained momentum without the mid-century fait divers, a specific genre of miscellaneous news story. ...

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  • Notes on Contributors


    Abstract: Vol. 5, no. 1 2021 Notes on Contributors

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