vol. 4 No. 2 Dec. 2020

  • Identity Dilemma and the Lack of Reciprocity in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent

    Author:Fatima Zohra Gasmi, Bo Cao

    Abstract: Abstract: Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent astutely interweaves the search for identity into a romantic love story. This article approaches it using a new identity concept found in Amin Maalouf’s work In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong (Les identités meurtrières). It investigates the identity dilemma that the female protagonist, Sirine, faces while living in-between her confli...

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  • Li Bai and Modernity: Drinking with Tao Qian

    Author:Massimo Verdicchio

    Abstract: Abstract: In this essay I examine Li Bai’s relationship with Tao Qian/Yuanming, his poetic ancestor, through their poems on drinking and on the Double Nine Festival. Li Bai’s invitation to share wine with Tao takes the form of emulating his poetry. It also shows its impossibility, which is expressed in the form of unfulfilled longing. This awareness is what defines the modernity of Li Bai’s ...

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  • Reflections on Black Visual Artist Doug Redd

    Author:Tony Bolden

    Abstract: Abstract: This essay was inspired by the death and devastation related to the pandemic of Covid-19 which intensified the ways that preexisting sociopolitical contradictions affected black people. Before the pandemic it was commonplace for thinkers to describe themselves as radicals. However, in the moment of crisis, their voices were often silent or they offered superficial commentaries. And th...

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  • The Effectiveness of Multimedia Gloss Modes and Languages for Chinese Learners’ Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition

    Author:Xuan Teng

    Abstract: Abstract: This study examines the effects of different gloss types, namely L1 text-only, L2 text-only, L1 text plus picture, and L2 text plus picture on vocabulary retention in a multimedia reading environment. This investigation is based on the cognitive theory of multimedia learning and the revised hierarchical model with image. Sixteen participants read a computerized text under one of four ...

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  • Notes on Contributors


    Abstract: 2020 vol. 4, no. 2 Notes on Contributors

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