What is Migrant Thinking? Trans, Fusion, and the Bracket

Author:Ranjan Ghosh Time:2020-01-13 Click:

Abstract: This essay introduces Ghosh’s idea of trans(in)fusion and argues out his thesis on “migrant thinking.” What kind of “critical thinking” does trans(in)fusion envisage? Is all envisagement a kind of form? Can critical thinking be envisaged at all? If envisaged, what kind of cosmopolitan and migrant motor does it undertake and initiate? Ghosh talks about the poetics and politics of the bracket, the philosophy of the “middle” in literary-cultural studies, and brings the paradigms of trans, (in), and fusion into complicated matrices of understanding. The paper works through disparate conceptual issues—transduction, allagma, membrane, “leaning,” liquidconcrete, phase-transitions, epistemic circle—to develop an understanding of critical thinking that is migrant and cosmopolitan in nature, is method and non-method, is noise and attunement.

Keywords: trans(in)fusion, migrant thinking, middle, bracket

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