The Community Interpreter’s Latitude for Action: A Triadic Discourse Interpreting Model (TRIM)

Author:Lihua Jiang Time:2019-07-10 Click:

Sociological communication problems associated with the interpreter’s presence and actions in the community have come into the focus of discussion, leading to such opposing views of the interpreter as a “verbatim” reproducer of messages in another language, on the one hand, or as “advocator,” “cultural broker,” or “conciliator,” on the other hand. This essay aims at exploring the interpreter’s latitude for action in a given situation. In order to discuss this essay, static and dynamic parameters are established and described in a Triadic Discourse Interpreting Model (TRIM) when an interpreter reproduces a target message. This interplay is assumed to take place in the form of a number of interpreting filters (IF) through which a source message (M) passes to become a target message (M’). Within the model, the filters interrelate static components and dynamic components as decision-making stages to become different types of M’ (zero M’, partially invariant M’ with two categories, variant M’, invariant M’). The model derived checklist thus helps the interpreter to anticipate potential problems and pre-establish strategies to secure an adequate action for a planned assignment.

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