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JFLC (Vol.1, No.1, 28 Dec,2017) Table of Contents
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On the Genesis of Zhongshu Qian’s FortressBesieged 1. Hongxinjiang.pdf
Hongxin Jiang

A Fresh Look at Mark Twain and the Jews 2. Fishkin.pdf

Shelley Fisher Fishkin

European Colonialism and the Berlin Debate about the New World: Cornelius de Pauw,

Frederick the Great, and the Taste of Conquest 3. Ottmar.pdf

Ottmar Ette

Voice and Representation: Cultural Political Responses to Islamism in the UK

Chris Weedon4. Weedon.pdf    

Behind the Real and the Fake: Examining the Chinese Elements and AmericanValues

in Frank Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston  5. Wenshuzhao.pdf

Wenshu Zhao

National Security Letters: C. L. R. James, Melville, and the State  6. Nielsen.pdf

Aldon Lynn Nielsen

Better Days Will Have Been Here Again: The Future Past in Meet Me inSt. Louis
Tyrone Williams  7. Tyrone.pdf

Li Shang-yin and the Baroque  8. Massimo.pdf

Massimo Verdicchio

Imaginary Conversations  9. Turner.pdf

Mark Turner

Four Theses on Dialectics  10. Andrew.pdf

Andrew Pendakis

Notes on “I Saw My Lady Weepe”  11. Prynne.pdf

J. H. Prynne

A Close Reading of Gwendolyn Brooks’s Sonnet Sequence “Gay Chaps at the Bar:”Allusions, Conscious Discrepancies, and Spiritual Alchemy  12. Woodson.pdf

Jon Woodson

An Engaged Politics of Humility: On Stuart Hall, Cultural Studies, andIntellectual Practice
Glenn Jordan  13. Jordan.pdf

Daniel Aaron: An Eminent Americanist  14. Zhanglongxi.pdf

Zhang Longxi

An Interview with Ishmael Reed  15. Yanyuzeng.pdf

Yanyu Zeng    







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