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Introduction (Vol.1, No.1, 28 Dec,2017)创刊词
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Welcome to the inaugural issue of theJournal of Foreign Languages and Cultures(JFLC).Together with our sibling edition in Chinese, JFLC is to make a unique contribution to global education,enlightenment, understanding, and dialogue by serving as an interdisciplinary forum for scholarly exchange among language researchers, teaching professionals, and other scholars from different parts of the world. We strive to accomplish our mission by building bridges across cultures, languages, andideas with an open mind and across disciplines.


True to this vision, the umbrella of JFLCconsists of two separate journals—one in English, one in Chinese—with different contents, but both upholding the same vision and standards. JFLC is adouble-blind peer-reviewed journal published twice a year in June and December,respectively. In this journal, East truly meets West. JFLC invites contributions from established writers and emerging voices from all corners of the globe. We welcome contributions from language pedagogy, linguistics,literature, cultural studies, and translation. We especially encourage papers that are of interdisciplinary nature, with different genres and from different disciplines.


The editorial board seeks innovative intellectual approaches, and is committed to a spirit of openness to new ideasand interpretations. We search for articles that re-interpret standard works,establish fresh and exciting frameworks and theories, introduce new literature into the canons, and work across boundaries of genre and discipline. We hopethat readers will encounter state-of-the-art inspiration in our five areas of focus.


The faculty editorial board of JFLC expresses its sincere gratitude to Hunan Normal University for its sponsorship. Its leadership has been essential to bringing this journal to life and fulfilling its mission. Contained within these pages is a feast of truly international voices and perspectives providing intellectual rigor and creativity, inspiration and illumination, and firm proof of the essential roleof our fields in shaping the world of the future. Thank you for joining us and participating in our new venture.



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