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JFLC (Vol.2, No.2, 28 Dec.2018)
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001 African American Literature and the Gothic: Some Critical Usage Considerations

      Martin Japtok        


011 Reading Li Shang-yin

     Massimo Verdicchi    

024 Maggie O’Sullivan’s Notational Poetics

    A.J. Carruthers


031 Richard Wright’s “Basket of Deplorables”: The Return of the Lumpenproletariatin U.S. Political Discourse      

     Joshua Lam      


045 “A Vagabond and a Slave”: Frankenstein as (African-American) Slave Narrative

    Grant Matthew Jenkins      


061 In Search of a Nuyorican Sixties: Reading the Pedro Pietri and Jack AgüerosArchives

    Urayoán Noel      


072 “Seek it in Poetry”: John Dewey, William Carlos Williams, and Avant-GardistEducational Reform

    Alan Golding            


079 Writing Poetry that Focuses on the Autobiographical

   Hank Lazer      


087 Ashbery Alpha and Omega: Presentism, Historicism, and Vice Versa    

  Barrett Watten         


094 Integrating Culture into Beginner-Level Chinese Language Teaching  

   Guangyan Chen      


104 Metaphorical Explanations for Misuse of the English Preposition IN by CELs: ACorpus Analysis

     Shangjun Zuo, Guangrong Dai      


115 Concepts, Methods, and Media: Three Keywords for a Historiography ofTranslation Studies

    Yves Gambier            


125 The Community Interpreter’s Latitude for Action: A Triadic Discourse InterpretingModel (TRIM)      

    Lihua Jiang      




140 The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein.      

    With an Introduction by Lauri Ramey      

   Fredrik Hertzberg      


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