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JFLC (Vol.2, No.1, 28 June 2018)
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001 “Cannot Understand / Feels Deeply”: John Ashbery, The Tennis Court Oath,and Queer Affect

      Brian Reed                                    


008 From Luminous Detail to Luminous Debris: Ezra Pound, Gustaf Sobin, andthe Modernist Imaginary of Ruins

    Patrick Pritchett                              


021 Be Bop Ghost in the Machine

   Aldon Lynn Nielsen                              


028 History, Poetry, and the Social Relation: Maya Angelou, Bruce Andrews, ClaudiaRankine, and Barrett Watten

   Herman Rapaport                              


037 Did You Hear What They Said?: The Symbology of Mass Media in DavidHenderson’s “They Are Killing All the Young


    Jean-Philippe Marcoux  


056 Ambivalent Aestheticism: John Butler Yeats’s Legacy to His Son                      

     Robert Archambeau                        


063 Bounded and Unbounded Field Functions in Atkins and Olson                

    Tyrone Williams                


069 Accountable Relationality                

    Jonathan Stalling


078 “But What’s Nationality These Days?”: Cosmopolitanism Old and New inthe Prologue of In a Free State                      

   Weiwei Xu                


085 Free Your Mind: Funk Transfigured as Black Cultural Aesthetics                

   Tony Bolden                


100 Relationality and Analog: Henry James’s Queer Portraiture in The Wingsof the Dove and The Golden Bowl

   Wenwen Guo  


114 Virtual Worlds: Hypothetical Focalization in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!                      

     Paul Jaussen  

128 Integrating “The Classical” and “The Creative” in Literature: Friedrich Nietzsche,Oscar Wilde, and T. S. Eliot                      

    Zhuyu Jiang                


134 The Categorization and Functions of “Overhearing” in Narrative                

    Yizhong Ning  




141The Poetics of Process Repeated in the Sky

     Zewei Jiang                              






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