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Reading Salon 3: "Emotion Theory"
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EMOTION THEORY: A report from Salon Participants, Feng Qian and Fan Ni

        From October 20 to 21, the "Emotion Theory" Reading Salon, jointly sponsored by Foreign Languages and Culture and the German Department of the Foreign Studies College of Hunan Normal University, was held in Tenglong Tower of Hunan Normal University.

        The salon is chaired by Professor Wang Bingjun of Xiaoxiang Scholars in our College and teacher of Beijing Foreign Studies University. a number of master's and doctoral students and teachers from Hunan Normal University, Central South University, Capital Normal University, Sichuan Foreign Studies University, Hunan Institute of Finance and Economics, Hunan First Normal University and other universities participated, and discussed the emotion theory in many famous works of western philosophy.

        Before the event, the editorial director of Foreign Language and Culture, professor Ren Haiyan of the English Department of our college, Fan Ni of the German Department and graduate students of the English Department Feng Qian, Li Ruoya, Li Qi and Zhu Huiying made active preparations for the book fair, carefully planning the venue, creating publicity posters and so on.

        During the one-and-a-half-day of activities, Professor Wang Bingjun first explained in detail the topic of "emotion theory". He said: emotion is the basic condition of human existence. From the perspective of its historical development, people's understanding of emotion is always changing. Then, eleven students and teachers, including Chang Yuanjia, Li Hai, Zhang Xi, Wang Juan, Ren Haiyan, Chen Xixu, Wu Di, Zuo Meiling, Chen Dan, Shi Jiaxuan, Fanny and so on, made book reports on the emotion theory on the works of Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Montaigne, Hobbes, Hutchison, Rousseau, Kant, James, Scheler, and Whitehead. All participants had a vigorous and in-depth discussion on the content of the report. Due to the lively atmosphere, the reading meeting, which was scheduled to end at noon on the 21st, was postponed to the evening.

        In the last part of the activity, teacher Wang Bingjun summarized and spoke highly of the book club, and other participants also expressed their heartfelt thanks and praise for the salon. Based on the enthusiastic response of the participants, after joint discussion, Mr. Wang Bingjun decided on the theme and time of the next activity at the end of the reading salon.

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