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Forthe benefit of production efficiency, the publisher and the editor ask you tofollow the following submission guidelines strictly.


Contributions should be consistent in their use oflanguage and spelling. If you are not a native speaker of the language in whichyou have written your contribution, it is advised to have your text checked bya native speaker.



Electronic files


Files. Contributions should not exceed 10,000 words. They should be inEnglish following the MLA 8 style.


Pleasetake care that you supply all the files, text as well as graphic files, used inthe creation of the manuscript, and be sure to submit the final versionof the manuscript. And please delete any personal comments so that these willnot mistakenly be typeset and check that all files are readable.





Inorder to facilitate smooth production it is important that you follow thejournal’s style for consistency. Whatever formatting or style conventions areemployed, please be consistent.




Author’s Submission Checklist


Whensubmitting the revised version of your accepted manuscript, in addition tofollowing the guidelines above, please be sure that you also include:


  • a one-paragraph abstract of     your article

  • a list of approximately five     keywords to aid in searching and indexing

  • a short (2-3 sentence)     professional profile, including key publications

  • a mailing address






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