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2018年04月16日 09:41Hunan Normal University  (点击: )


The Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures is sponsored by Hunan Normal University.


Founded in 1938, Hunan Normal University enjoys a history of 80 years. It is also one of the leading universities in China participating in the national “Project 211” and “Double First-Class” Initiative.


Hunan Normal University strives to provide quality education to its students, focusing on cultivating both application-oriented talents and research expertise. It has graduated more than 400,000 students by 2018. Hunan Normal University enjoys a high reputation in society for its excellent quality education. It now boast 2 CFCRS (Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools) programs and 159 partner institutions in 41 countries and has co-established 3 Confucius Institutes in Russia, Korea and the U.S., respectively.


To learn more about Hunan Normal University, please visit http://english.hunnu.edu.cn/.


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