Before Citizen: Lyric Subjectivity and the Language of Experience in Claudia Rankine’s Nothing in Nature is Private
Kathy Lou Schultz
This essay analyzes Claudia Rankine’s first book, Nothing in Nature is Private, showing that although the book is formally dissimilar to her later work, it includes themes that continue to be foundational to her writing practice. From the title of the first poem, “American Light,” in this first book, to the subtitle of her two most recent books of poetry (“An American Lyric”) Rankine has d...
Page 117-126
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Down in the Dump: The Abject in Alice Notley’s Culture of One
Laura Hinton
Alice Notley’s Culture of One (2011) is a “poet’s novel” about a woman who lives in the dump of a U.S. Southwest desert town. The female character who “inhabits” the dump—and this poet’s novel—is both metonym for and guide into the lost representation of “the abject,” a concept developed by Julia Kristeva as a psychic state of horror and response to that which lies outside culturally...
Page 127-137
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Introduction to Literary Disability Studies in America: An Interview with Michael Bérubé
Wenjun Wang
Michael Bérubé (born 1961) is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Literature at the Pennsylvania State University, where he teaches American literature, disability studies, and cultural studies. He is the author of ten books on cultural studies, disability rights, liberal and conservative politics, and debates in higher education. The best known books are Life as Jamie Knows It: An Exceptional Child...
Page 138-144
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Interview with Gish Jen
Hong Fang
American writer Gish Jen is best known as the author of four critically acclaimed novels: Typical American (1991), Mona in the Promised Land (1996), The Love Wife (2004), and World and Town (2010). Although this interview focuses primarily on these novels, Jen is also the author of a work of nonfiction, Tigerwriting: Art, Culture and the Interdependent Self (2013), and the short story collectio...
Page 145-154
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