Metaphorical Explanations for Misuse of the English Preposition IN by CELs: A Corpus Analysis
Shangjun Zuo, Guangrong Dai
There exist differences between the usages of prepositions in English and Chinese, not only for the different cultural backgrounds, but for the different cognitive models. The use of English prepositions is a great challenge for Chinese English learners (CELs). This essay discusses the misuse of the English spatial preposition IN by CELs, using the data collected from Chinese Learner English Co...
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Concepts, Methods, and Media: Three Keywords for a Historiography of Translation Studies
Yves Gambier
The movement of theories belongs both to the history and the sociology of disciplines, especially to their institutionalization. Epistemology should also be added here, though sometimes disguised as the History of Ideas, sometimes labeled as the Philosophy of Science. One of the major paradoxes, or even contradictions, in TS seems to be the double bind of opening borders and establishing limits...
Page 115-124
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The Community Interpreter’s Latitude for Action: A Triadic Discourse Interpreting Model (TRIM)
Lihua Jiang
Sociological communication problems associated with the interpreter’s presence and actions in the community have come into the focus of discussion, leading to such opposing views of the interpreter as a “verbatim” reproducer of messages in another language, on the one hand, or as “advocator,” “cultural broker,” or “conciliator,” on the other hand. This essay aims at exploring the inter...
Page 125-139
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The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein. With an Introduction by Lauri Ramey
Fredrik Hertzberg
The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein.  With an Introduction by Lauri Rame
Page 140-153
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