Relationality and Analog: Henry James’s Queer Portraiture in The Wings of the Dove and The Golden Bowl
Wenwen Guo
After identifying instances of queer looking in James’s The Wings of the Dove and The Golden Bowl, I propose to read these instances of queer visual encounter as symptomatic of larger intersubjective engagements that pivot around a relational principle. I read James’s portraits of thinking as regress or progress to an analog-centered way of communication, which signals a larger anachronistic ...
Page 100-113
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Virtual Worlds: Hypothetical Focalization in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!
Paul Jaussen
The narrative device of hypothetical focalization is a central yet underappreciated stylistic feature of William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! First coined by David Herman in 1994, “hypothetical focalization” refers to the use of virtual, non-existent, or possible subject-positions from which to generate a narrative perspective. In the case of Absalom, various forms of this device are deploye...
Page 114-127
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Integrating “The Classical” and “The Creative” in Literature: Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, and T. S. Eliot
Zhuyu Jiang
Impulses towards “the classical” and “the creative” both may function in literary goals and composition. Some critics pose these motives in opposition to each other but their relationship can be both complementary and contrasting. Such a point can find support in many literary critics’ argument, from Plato and Aristotle in the ancient world, to Alexander Pope and Wordsworth of later times...
Page 128-133
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The Categorization and Functions of “Overhearing” in Narrative
Yizhong Ning
This essay addresses the topic of “overhearing,” one of the most frequent but rarely studied narrative phenomena, by citing examples from both Chinese and English texts. By analyzing varied examples of “overhearing,” this essay demonstrates the diverse literary functions of this phenomenon by proposing a method of categorization and a framework to consider types of relevant situations. The ...
Page 134-140
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The Poetics of Process Repeated in the Sky
Zewei Jiang
In view of the material and textual changes of Dickinson’s poetry in its acceptance history of more than one hundred years, the editors and translators attempted to retain the originality of Dickinson’s poetic style in various ways, which brought visual impact to the book and highlighted a strong readers’ consciousness. North American scholars found their common voice in the writer’s poetic...
Page 141-154
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