Ashbery Alpha and Omega: Presentism, Historicism, and Vice Versa
Barrett Watten
This reading of a single poem from the last collection of verse John Ashbery published before his death in 2017 sees it as an example of a concept of “presentism” that differs from modernist or postmodern accounts of the “present” associated with abstraction or immanence. Rather, Ashbery’s presentism is historical in being based on overlapping and discontinuous linguistic and experiential ...
Page 87-93
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Integrating Culture into Beginner-Level Chinese Language Teaching
Page 94-103
Culture is widely regarded as imperative for foreign language (FL) education because culture and language intertwine when people use language for communication. Many teachers and scholars who agree with this argument tend to integrate culture into advanced-level language courses. However, culture is insufficiently integrated into beginner-level FL courses. This insufficiency comes from teachers...
Guangyan Chen
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Metaphorical Explanations for Misuse of the English Preposition IN by CELs: A Corpus Analysis
Shangjun Zuo, Guangrong Dai
There exist differences between the usages of prepositions in English and Chinese, not only for the different cultural backgrounds, but for the different cognitive models. The use of English prepositions is a great challenge for Chinese English learners (CELs). This essay discusses the misuse of the English spatial preposition IN by CELs, using the data collected from Chinese Learner English Co...
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Concepts, Methods, and Media: Three Keywords for a Historiography of Translation Studies
Yves Gambier
The movement of theories belongs both to the history and the sociology of disciplines, especially to their institutionalization. Epistemology should also be added here, though sometimes disguised as the History of Ideas, sometimes labeled as the Philosophy of Science. One of the major paradoxes, or even contradictions, in TS seems to be the double bind of opening borders and establishing limits...
Page 115-124
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The Community Interpreter’s Latitude for Action: A Triadic Discourse Interpreting Model (TRIM)
Lihua Jiang
Sociological communication problems associated with the interpreter’s presence and actions in the community have come into the focus of discussion, leading to such opposing views of the interpreter as a “verbatim” reproducer of messages in another language, on the one hand, or as “advocator,” “cultural broker,” or “conciliator,” on the other hand. This essay aims at exploring the inter...
Page 125-139
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The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein. With an Introduction by Lauri Ramey
Fredrik Hertzberg
The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein.  With an Introduction by Lauri Rame
Page 140-153
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“Cannot Understand / Feels Deeply”: John Ashbery, The Tennis Court Oath, and Queer Affect
Brian Reed
​ John Ashbery’s poetry has often been read for its coded or obscured references to his sexuality. This essay argues that a book such as The Tennis Court Oath (1962) is better read, not for its encrypted autobiographical content, but for its giddy strange tone, its “queer affect.” Poems such as “Europe” and “A Last World” do not detail Ashbery’s emotions in a documentary or confessiona...
Page 1-7
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From Luminous Detail to Luminous Debris: Ezra Pound, Gustaf Sobin, and the Modernist Imaginary of Ruins
Patrick Pritchett
This essay traces the central role that Provence plays in the poetry of Ezra Pound and Gustaf Sobin. For both poets, this region in the south of France was a major site of inspiration, whether as the nexus of troubadour culture for Pound, or as a landscape of remnants left by Roman and Neolithic cultures for Sobin. I will focus on their use of the toponymic aura of Provence and how it enables t...
Page 8-20
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Be Bop Ghost in the Machine
Aldon Lynn Nielsen
Larry Neal’s collection of poetry, Hoo Doo Hollerin’ Bebop Ghosts, offers a sort of “hauntology” for examining the legacies of the Black Arts Movement in the fields of poetics and cultural studies. Even now, with new work on the era appearing, the literary institutions have relied heavily on stereotypes of the movement rather than on close readings and critical engagements with the diffuse...
Page 21-27
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History, Poetry, and the Social Relation: Maya Angelou, Bruce Andrews, Claudia Rankine, and Barrett Watten
Herman Rapaport
This essay considers the poets Maya Angelou, Bruce Andrews, Claudia Rankine, and Barrett Watten in the context of history and the social relation. The following rubrics apply: Maya Angelou as speaking truth to power; Bruce Andrews as deconstituting modes of signifying production; Claudia Rankine as interrogating the racialized discourse of faux bonding; and Barrett Watten as representing experi...
Page 28-36
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