The Poetics of Process Repeated in the Sky
Zewei Jiang
In view of the material and textual changes of Dickinson’s poetry in its acceptance history of more than one hundred years, the editors and translators attempted to retain the originality of Dickinson’s poetic style in various ways, which brought visual impact to the book and highlighted a strong readers’ consciousness. North American scholars found their common voice in the writer’s poetic...
Page 141-154
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On the Genesis of Zhongshu Qian’s Fortress Besieged
Hongxin Jiang
Significant portions of Zhongshu Qian’s classic twentieth century novel, Fortress Besieged, are closely correlated with Hunan. This article explores the connections between the novel and Qian’s experiences in National Hunan Normal College (NHNC), later to become Hunan Normal University (HNNU). More than one third of Fortress Besieged describes the experiences of its main character, Hongjian F...
Page 1-10
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A Fresh Look at Mark Twain and the Jews
Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Mark Twain’s distaste for anti-Semitism was well-known. He had published a searing exposé of anti-Semitism in the Austro-Hungarian empire. He had minced no words denouncing pogroms in Russia and had been a featured speaker at a benefit for Russian Jews. He had condemned French anti-Semitism in the Dreyfus Affair on numerous occasions. In a widely-read essay called “Concerning the Jews” he ha...
Page 11-27
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European Colonialism and the Berlin Debate about the New World. Cornelius de Pauw, Frederick the Great and the Taste of Conquest
Ottmar Ette
​After Cornelius de Pauw, one of the most eminent representatives of the European Enlightenment, had published the second volume of his Recherches philosophiques sur les Américains, which in many ways was even more provocative than the first, a violent debate arose in Berlin, spreading quickly to a number of European countries and especially overseas. There is good reason to identify the first...
Page 28-48
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Voice and Representation: Cultural Political Responses to Islamism in the U. K.
Chris Weedon
The impact of 9/11, the 2001 riots in the north of England and the London bombings of July 2005 led to shifts in how British Muslims feature in debates, policy and representational practice in the media and popular culture in the UK. Within this broader context, this article looks at how examples of film and life writing between 2001 and 2011 have attempted to make sense of the turn to fundamen...
Page 49-61
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Behind the Real and the Fake: Examining the Chinese Elements and American Values in Frank Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston
Wenshu Zhao
The Chineseness of Chinese American literature is often assumed to be an unquestionable premise, but Chinese American writers are in fact ambivalent toward Chinese culture. By revisiting Frank Chin’s persistent accusation of other Chinese American writers’ “faking” of Chinese culture, this paper examines the changing attitudes of Chinese American writers toward Chinese culture and the quint...
Page 62-70
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National Security Letters: C. L. R. James, Melville, and the State
Aldon Lynn Nielsen
In the early 1950s, at the height of America’s McCarthyite witch hunts and anti-communist hysteria, Trinidad-born C.L.R. James, who had been living in the United States illegally since 1938, was arrested and held for deportation on the basis of his Marxist philosophy and activism. While imprisoned on Ellis Island, he drafted the text of Mariners, Renegades and Castaways: The Story of Herman Me...
Page 71-79
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Better Days Will Have Been Here Again: The Future Past of Meet Me in St. Louis
Tyrone Williams
The title of this paper alludes to the lyrics of the 1929 popular song “Happy Days Are Here Again,” a typical, if now iconic, artifact of the Depression era. The difference between the simple present tense of the song’s insistent confidence and the future anterior of my promissory allusion captures what I see as the cultural, temporal, and geographical privilege and conundrum in which the ci...
Page 80-85
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Li Shang-yin and the Baroque
Massimo Verdicchio
The issue of the poetry of Li Shang-yin and the Baroque is not yet settled since various critical attempts have not proved sufficiently satisfactory to justify a definition of his poetry as Baroque. The main difficulty stems from the attempt to read his poetry symbolically rather than allegorically, which is the poetic mode characteristic of Baroque poetry. This is what this paper attempts to d...
Page 86-92
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Imaginary Conversations
Mark Turner
A range of multimodal form-meaning pairs has arisen to prompt for the generic integration template called blended classic joint attention (BCJA). This article presents examples and principles
Page 93-99
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